Privacy Policy

Your customization settings, chat messages, and display name will be linked back to your account, or anonymous login ID if not using one. This is primarily to provide networked information to other users inside the app by showing the sending user’s display name, and by displaying correct outfits on networked users.

The information will also be used to moderate your in-app content to remove any harmful or hateful messaging.

If using the login system, this app will collect and store your entered email address for the purpose of using it as your primary login credentials as long as your account is active. This will also allow your messages, visuals, and user name to be linked between devices.

Your in-app purchases will stay active as long as you are logged in to the same store-specific account on your device, since in-app purchases are saved and managed by the storefront that you used to download the app.

The app will also gather analytics and error/crash data via Google Analytics and Unity Analytics. The errors and crash data will be used to keep the app stable with recurring bug fixes and improvements.

The analytics are gathered to give insights into how the app is used, to help shape which features should be added or improved upon in future content updates.